CEO Greetings

  • Since its founding in 2000, and with prior experience and expertise in the automobile production line and automation production system while partnering with GM Daewoo, Doowon went on to establish its parent company DoowonSangi and officially launched the 5-Axis Dental CAD/CAM milling machine

With the first sale in 2011, Doowon ID was established.
Since the development of the dental CAD/CAM milling equipment, and commercializing the use of the pre-milled blanks, Doowon ID has become the protragonist of the transformation of the dental material market

Currently, our machines are installed in major dental laboratories and hospitals in Korea, Korean Air Force hospital, US Army hospital, UCLA, as well as many well-know milling centers/dental laboratories in the United States. Our machines have been acknowledged for its strong machinig ability and processing precision of metal materials. We currently have customers and partnerships from over 70+ countries.
With the acquisition of dental material CE in 2017, we are actively expanding our business overseas beyond the domestic market.

We are creating value for ourselves in a healthy corporate culture through change and innovation. Based on this principle, we have achieved an amazing sales growth rate of 40%.
I would like to ask for your continued support so Doowon will continue to play a key-role in the future of the dental industry. Please be with us as we take on more challenges for a brighter dental industry. Thank you.

Doowon ID Co., Ltd. CEO Byeong-woo, Jeon

History 2018 12 Selected as a participant on a new product development national project
12 55th Anual '10 million USD Export Value' Award Recipient
11 Launching of ARUM 3D Printer
06 Selected as a Compliance Program (AA rating)
2017 10 Selected as a prospective medium enterprise
05 4 types of Arum 300 series dental cad/cam equipment, 5x-400 developed
03 Acquisition of CE for dental ti-base and pre-milled blank
01 Sum3d CAM software support
2016 11 Selected as a technology innovation company by INNO-BiZ
10 Worknc CAM software support
01 First dental CAD/CAM machine export to the European market
2015 05 Curved pre-milled blank commercialization
5X-150 dental CAD/CAM milling machine released
2014 06 Doowonid R&D department established
03 5x-200 dental CAD/CAM milling machine released
2013 01 4X-100 dental CAD/CAM milling machine released
2012 02 Hyperdent CAM software support
2011 08 Pre-milled blank commercialization
06 dental materials business division established
06 First 5x-100 dental CAD/CAM milling machine export overseas
06 Established Doowon ID Co., Ltd
2009 11 5X-100 dental CAD/CAM milling machine released
DOOWON INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY research department established
2000 07 Established of parent company DOOWON INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY


44, Techno 8-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34028, Republic of Korea

Yeongnam Branch Office

311-B307, 2710-4 Beomeo-ri, Mulgeum-eup, Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, 50611, Republic of Korea